Become a REALTOR®

realtor-logoRequirements for Becoming A REALTOR®

Becoming a REALTOR® member is an easy and smooth process ;

  1. You must have an active New Jersey Real Estate license.
  2.  The Designated REALTOR® of the office must belong to the Atlantic City & County Board of REALTORS®. If the Designated REALTOR® does not belong, you would either need for him/her to join the organization or you must consider joining the local organization to which he/she already belongs.

For questions or to request a different membership application, please contact Karen Stiles at or call 609-652-8486. .



Establishing a REALTOR® Office with the Atlantic City & County Board of REALTORS®


In order for a REALTOR® application to be approved by the Atlantic City & County Board of REALTORS®, an office must have an established presence in the organization. The presence of the office is synonymous with the membership of a Designated REALTOR® for the respective office.

Whether the Designated REALTOR® is brand new to REALTOR® membership, joining as a Secondary member or joining the organization from another Association, a separate application for this individual is required before the organization can accept agents from that office for REALTOR® membership.

If you are a broker. an associate broker, proprietor or a principal of the company (with a salespersons license) you are eligible to be the Designated REALTOR® for your office and would become the primary contact for the office within the Association. You would need to complete a Designated REALTOR® application form and meet with the Membership Committee.