Atlantic County is home to the municipalities listed.  Located in the New Jersey Pine Barrens Preserve, the County is a thriving area, seeing continued growth and development.  You can learn more about Atlantic County, NJ and the surrounding Townships by visiting:

Absecon is located approximately 60 miles south east of Philadelphia and 10 miles inland from Atlantic City.  The Lenni Lenape Indians were the original inhabitants of the land.  The city’s name, Absecon, is “derived from the Indian word for bay or little water.” (1)  The late 1700s saw Absecon as a busy seaport and developing community.  The first post office was established in 1807(2) and by 1832 the Lenni Lenape sold all the land to the NJ Legislature (3).   That same sense of adventure and community development continues to today.  You can learn more about Absecon, NJ by visiting:

Atlantic City is located approximately 60 miles south east of Philadelphia.  Established as a tourist attraction by Dr. Jonathan Pitney in the mid-1800’s, the City continues with that heritage.  From sunshine and sand to casinos and museums, there is something for everyone.  You can learn more about Atlantic City, NJ by visiting:

Brigantine, in the 1500’s, was once inhabited by the Lenape Indians who used the island as the place for summer recreation.  Named after a type of ship, Brigantine Island had many ships sink off the coastline due to the many shoals.  The vacation spot of United States President Grover Cleveland, Brigantine continues to be the peaceful summer get-away for many people with easy access to Atlantic City’s famous Boardwalk. You can learn more about Brigantine, NJ by visiting:

Buena Borough is known as a “small town with a big heart”.  The Borough is 7.9 square miles of community that has been in existence for 100 years and incorporated in 1949.  Home to Blackwater Pond Park, four trails are available for public jogging, walking and bird watching.  Perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of the Eastern Bluebird (link:  You can learn more about Buena Borough, NJ by visiting:

Buena Vista Township is home to a population of peoples from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, as well as farmlands, Pinelands, wildlife and rare species, precious bodies of water and even beaches in Collings Lakes.  Patcong Valley Model Railroad and the 100 year old Richland General Store are located here.  You can learn more about Buena Vista Township, NJ by visiting:

Corbin City is New Jersey’s smallest city.  It is located on the Tuckahoe River.  Residents love living in this small hamlet, enjoying quiet neighborhoods, and being close to quality local schools for their children to attend.  More than 70 percent of its 5,063 acres is preserved open space(7).  You can learn more about Corbin City, NJ by visiting:

Egg Harbor City was once the home of Dr. Smith’s Natural Water Health Resort in the 1880’s and 1890’s where Dr. Smith claimed the fountain of youth could be found.  Now called the Round House, it is the home of the Egg Harbor City Historical Society. Across the street, on the bridge railing, is a neatly designed interpretive display which explains the whole story.  You can learn more about Egg Harbor City, NJ by visiting:

Egg Harbor Twp. is home to famed author, Corbain Coltrane, among others.  Many wonder how the name “Egg Harbor” came about.  Great Egg Harbor got its name from Dutch explorer Cornelius Jacobsen Mey. In 1614, Mey came upon the inlet to the Great Egg Harbor River. The meadows were so covered with shorebird and waterfowl eggs that he called it “Eieren Haven”(4).  You can learn more about Egg Harbor Township, NJ by visiting:

Estell Manor was the first city in New Jersey to have a woman mayor. Established in the 1800’s with the building of a school house and church, Estell Manor continues its growth of “small city charm in the Pines”.  The historic Estell Manor House will soon contain the Atlantic County Veteran’s Museum.  You can learn more about Estell Manor, NJ by visiting:

Folsom is a borough which was founded in the 1700’s and is approximately eight square miles large with a population of 1,885. As stated on their website, they are “a community steeped in history and known for its sense of family and community”.  New Jersey Monthly magazine ranked Folsom as its 19th best place to live in its 2008 rankings of the “Best Places to Live” in New Jersey”.   You can learn more about Folsom Borough, NJ by visiting:

Galloway Twp., like their sister communities Hammonton, Mullica Township, Egg Harbor City, Port Republic, Brigantine, Atlantic City, and the northern part of Absecon, was once part of Old Gloucester County.  “The Township of Galloway was created by Royal Patent of King George III of England on April 4, 1774.”(5)  These growing communities are home to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club.  You can learn more about Galloway and Galloway Township, NJ by visiting:

Hamilton Township was given its name in 1842, being changed from the Township of Nottingham which it bore from its organization in 1686.  Originally home to farmers, tradesmen, wheelwrights, tailors, ship builders and carpenters, the Township continued to grow to be “New Jersey’s Largest Municipality”.  It is home to the County Seat, Mays Landing, as well as being one of the 56 Southern New Jersey municipalities located in the NJ Pinelands National Reserve.  You can learn more about Hamilton Township, NJ by visiting:

Hammonton is located almost exactly half way between Philadelphia and Atlantic City.  Known as the “Blueberry Capital of the World” the annual Red, White and Blue Festival celebrates this widely known fact.  Three active wineries and an actively growing downtown, home to art galleries, wine bars and restaurants, clothing stores and a theatre draw many shoppers.  Mrs. Jill Biden, wife to Vice President Joseph Biden, and Nelson Johnson, Esq., author of Boardwalk Empire and The Northside:  African Americans and the Creation of Atlantic City call Hammonton home at one time.  You can learn more about Hammonton, NJ by visiting:

Linwood, in the 19th century was a little village called Leedsville.   In 1880, at the request of the US Post Office, Leedsville was asked to change its name to Linwood due to confusion with another community with the same name.  It was the home of seamen, baymen and farmers throughout most of its history. Like most of the country, after World War II the community changed when new industries brought more people and the farms were sold off for housing developments. (6)  That trend of growth continues to this day.  You can learn more about Linwood, NJ by visiting:

Longport Borough is located at the southern tip of Absecon Island, encompasses approximately half a square mile of land and is bordered by the bay to the northwest and the ocean to the southeast.  Known as the “Pearl of Absecon Island” Longport is primarily residential.   You can learn more about the Borough of Longport, NJ by visiting:

Margate, home to 65 foot wooden structure Lucy the Elephant and Marven Gardens of Monopoly fame, is a popular and beautiful residential community.  Located on Absecon Island, approximately 5 miles from Atlantic City, Margate has much to offer in the way of entertainment and education.  You can learn more about Margate, NJ by visiting:

Lucy the Elephant:

Marven Gardens:

Mullica Township is located in the Northeast portion of Atlantic County, in the NJ Pinelands National Reserve.  It was founded by and named after Eric Mullica who was a Swedish settler born in 1636.  He placed a homestead on the river after relocating from the Philadelphia area.  You can learn more about Mullica Townships, NJ by visiting:

Northfield was once an active seaport from about 1830 to 1880, when local shipping and shipbuilding were at its prominence. At that time there was a large ditch which led to a stream that enter the bay near a boatyard from which ships could be launched. As well, there was a mill located in the area which was a sign of a permanent town.  From this small start, Northfield grew to what it is today – “Gateway to the Shore”.  You can learn more about Northfield, NJ by visiting:

Pleasantville is located within the boundaries of Egg Harbor Township.  It shares much of the same rich history.  Pleasantville is a diverse community made up of families invested in continued success and growth.  You can learn more about Pleasantville, NJ by visiting:

Port Republic’s “development, originally known as Wrangleboro, throughout the nineteenth-century was directly tied to its placement along Shore Road, the major transportation artery prior to the coming of the railroad”. (8) “During the American Revolutionary War, Port Republic provided refuge to the residents of the nearby community of Chestnut Neck when the British Army, arriving by ship, sacked their town on October 6, 1778”. (9)  You can learn more about Port Republic, NJ by visiting:

Somers Point is located on Great Egg Harbor Bay.  Visitors are reminded of the quaint, old bay villages of the 1800’s. Once known as Somers Plantation, began in 1693 as the first settlement in Atlantic County.  Whale men, shipyards, mills, iron furnaces and brick yards were prominent in the area.  John Somers’ great grandson and Naval officer, Richard Somers fought against the Barbary Pirates and is buried in Tripoli.  You can learn more about Somers Point, NJ by visiting:

Ventnor is named after the seashore resort of Ventnor, the Isle of Wight, England.  Named in 1889 and incorporated in 1903, Ventnor is located between Atlantic City to the northeast and Margate and Longport to the southwest.  It remains as beautiful and pleasant now as it was then.  You can learn more about Ventnor, NJ by visiting:

Weymouth Township is located in the southwest section of Atlantic County and is one of the 56 municipalities in the New Jersey Pinelands. The towns of Belcoville and Dorothy are located within its borders.  The township carries the same name as Weymouth, England an ancient seaport.  You can learn more about Weymouth Township, NJ by visiting: